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Mediumship – What is it?

What is Mediumship?

We have been asked that question countless times.  One thing everyone can agree is that a Medium is someone who has the ability or gift to communicate on many levels with Spirit.  A Medium is the bridge or connection with the spiritual world.  Our souls are infinite divine energy that never dies and we are all part of the same source of all creation.  A Mediums job is to enlighten, guide, heal and deliver infinite love from the world of Spirit to the souls who are learning on the earth.

For as long as there have been human beings on the earth there have been many who have believed that life continues beyond the transition of the death of the physical body. What could be more natural then than to seek contact with the life beyond, our future. Many civilisations have done precisely this and indeed at many times in history the activity has been viewed as perfectly normal and even incorporated into some religions. People would seek to contact their relatives who had passed to the life beyond in order to reduce the feeling of separation and grief or they would seek guidance from more enlightened spirits/guides in the Spirit Realms.

As the term implies Spiritual Mediumship has come to signify a person acting as an intermediary, a go between, who has the ability to communicate with those in the Spirit World and to relay that communication to others in the physical world.

A Medium is called upon to aid and support the spiritual realms in their nurture of mankind.  Wow that’s a big undertaking and a huge responsibility.  Mediums are here to help and to lend our energy to a greater cause that our own.  Therefore, they have to prove themselves worthy of the profoundly infinite love and trust placed in them by spirit teachers.  The training never stops, they are all continually growing in their awareness and understanding, they have to constantly change their perceptions and assimilate new information.

stairway to heaven


All Mediums work differently and we would encourage people to watch different Mediums as they work. A spirit may work through a Medium connecting with the same energy, so you may get one message from Auntie Flo with one Medium and Uncle Reg with another Medium.


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