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Spiritual Healing – What is it?

What is Healing?

Spiritual healing is as old as time itself-one does not have to have faith to receive it, it is spiritual in the sense it reaches the “spiritual roots” of the person.

Every healer has his or her own helper or helpers from the other side. These helpers are often skilled, say as doctors, when on the earth. The Healer is only a vessel to channel the higher divine spirit into what we call Healing.

It is a rebalance of mind, body and spirit working on the patients Aura to free blockages to help the healing energies flow. We can unconsciously block the healing process and the healer should help to relax the person putting their mind at rest to assist the healing process.

The healing session is usually 20-30 minutes. Some healers are hands on, where they request to touch the person, others do not. There is also distance healing where healing is sent to someone usually via a prayer.

Transformational healing occurs when we are willing to look at every aspect of our life and if necessary make changes, we learn not to keep making the same mistakes. As we learn and accept more about ourselves to achieve a good balance in mind, body and spirit, we need to also balance our inner and outer selves. The change from the inner can take some time to transform to the outer levels by which time the person receiving the spiritual healing will themselves have begun to notice a change. Our essence of being the best we can may require changes in things we do, however small, this may lead to a greater personal balance in life.

We need to remain open and receptive to all things as we continue to evolve individually and collectively. It goes without saying that the highest healing energy is love.

Healing can also be done with the healer and patient not being present in the same room, the healing energy can be sent by prayer to a person and this is called absent healing. There is also healing called Reiki Healing, this is done the same as spiritual healing but sacred symbols are involved too.

Healing can also rejuvenate, as it relaxes and enables a person to feel peaceful. Which enables a balance of the Mind, Body and Spirit which can contribute to a person feeling and sleeping better.

You don’t have to feel ill to have healing; you can have healing anytime you like, spiritual healing is donation only and available on a Saturday morning between xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Outside of these times please contact us to arrange individual healing.

As an independent Church our Healers are certificated and heal in line with their affiliation to a professional code of conduct.


Comments on: "Spiritual Healing – What is it?" (4)

  1. Good evening
    I am enquiring about spiritual classes. Do you have them in your church. If so what do I need to do to be able to apply.
    Thank you

    • Hello Wendy. Sorry its been so long answering but I am the new moderator and the site is not very well maintained. If you are still interested we will have some courses starting very soon to help people become aware. if you could use the email we can let you know when they are starting.
      thank you for enquiring.
      regards, Tony

  2. Hi I would like to attend a healing session next Saturday

    • Hello Melanie, I am sorry to have taken so long to reply, I can only apologise for missing your mail.
      just to let you know, after a very quiet period over the summer at healing, we are now getting a rota together to make sure we have healers available on Saturdays so if you wold like to pop along to the church between 10 and 12 you would be most welcome.

      Kindest regards, Tony

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